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Erland Cooper, Anna Phoebe, Jacob Downs, Klara Schumann, and Lottie Greenhow bow at the end of Cooper's show at London's Milton Court Concert Hall in 2019
I have a great deal of experience in working with composers on a variety of projects, with services ranging from aural transcription and engraving to arranging and mentoring compositional technique.

Clients have included Jools Holland on work with Lang Lang, Nitin Sawhney on projects with Yo-Yo Ma and the Barbican/NYO, Hannah Peel on work with Paul Weller, Bill Ryder-JonesErland CooperAnna Phoebe, Anathema's Vincent Cavanagh, BISHI, and Lola de la Mata on work with Zubin Kanga.

I was also Visiting Tutor in Composition at the Purcell School, London's specialist school for gifted young musicians, in 2019.


My experience as a freelance score consultant is varied, though I tend to work on new music that treads the line between the so-called 'classical' and 'alternative' spheres.

My major area of expertise is work for strings and choir, though I have also worked on several projects for full symphony orchestra.
I work well in diverse contexts, at times engaging deeply by guiding composers through different options for their musical visions, and other times working to tight deadlines and copy-editing briefs in advance of live performances and recording sessions.
Previous clients include Jools Holland, working as transcriber for a new work featuring Lang Lang; Nitin Sawhney CBE, working as transcriber, engraver, and proofreader on commissions for Yo-Yo Ma, the Barbican (featuring the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain), Coventry City of Culture, as well as for two orchestral shows at the Royal Albert Hall in 2019 and 2021; Bill Ryder-Jones, arranging his beautiful Yawny Yawn for string quintet as part of the opening of Liverpool's new Tung Auditorium; Erland Cooper, transcribing, engraving, arranging, and co-writing in various capacities for his solo work since 2018; Anna Phoebe for her ongoing multimodal science communication projects Sea Souls and Between Worlds, during which I've acted as transcriber, consultant, and additional arranger; Anathema's Vincent Cavanagh as arranger and consultant; BISHI, with whom I've worked on new commissions and reworked versions of existing music; and Lola de la Mata on a new piano commission for Zubin Kanga.
As a conductor's assistant, I worked under Hannah Peel during her work with Paul Weller for his orchestral shows at London's Royal Festival Hall, with responsibilities including advising on orchestral parts and high-speed score-editing. I am also currently working as a composer's assistant for Anna Phoebe at her studio in Deal, Kent.
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